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InterJurisconsult is a full service Canadian Immigration Law Firm. It provides professional services in the area of Canadian Immigration Law from its Toronto headquarters to individual and corporate clients around the world and in respect of every part of Canada (including Quebec). Our Toronto Immigration Lawyer can assist in all types of Canadian immigration matters. If you require assistance of Canadian Immigration lawyer (barrister or solicitor, in USA also known as attorney), Canadian business immigration lawyer, Canadian corporate immigration lawyer in Toronto, please contact our office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

InterJurisconsult provides Canadian immigration services (including Quebec immigration services) in the following areas:

  • Business Immigration / Corporate Immigration
  • Family Sponsorship (including Spousal Sponsorship, Common-law Parter Sponsorship, Conjugal Partner Sponsorship, as well as Parental Sponsorship and Child Sponsorship)
  • Temporary Residence (Work Permits, Study Permits, Visitor Visas, and TRPs)
  • Permanent Residence (Federal Immigration Programs, Provincial Nominee Programs, and Quebec Immigration Programs)
  • Citizenship
  • Inadmissibility Determinations
  • Admissibility Hearings
  • Immigration Appeals (Family Sponsorship, Residency Obligations, Inadmissibility based on Misrepresentation, Criminal or Health issues)
  • Detention Reviews
  • Refugee Hearings
  • Refugee Appeals
  • Reconsideration Requests
  • Judicial Reviews

The law firm has been founded by Joseph Milevich, Canadian immigration lawyer / refugee lawyer (barrister & solicitor / attorney), based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Here are some of the lawyer's credentials:

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  • Law Society of Upper Canada (now called The Law Society of Ontario), Bar Admission Course: Certificate
  • University of Windsor, Faculty of Law: Juris Doctor (J.D.) Degree
  • Migration Institute of Australia, Certificate, Australian Immigration Law Practice
  • Bay of Plenty Polytechnic: Graduate Certificate in New Zealand Immigration Advice, New Zealand Immigration Law
  • York University, Centre for Refugee Studies: Certificate
  • University of London, Faculty of Law: Intercollegiate Post-Graduate Studies in International Law (LL.M. Program)
  • Kiev University, Institute of International Relations, Department of International Law: Master of Laws (LL.M.) Degree


  • The Law Society of Ontario (previously known as The Law Society of Upper Canada)
  • Canadian Bar Association (Citizenship & Immigration Section, International Law Section)
  • Ontario Bar Association (Citizenship & Immigration Section)
  • Australia Migration Agents Registration Authority
  • New Zealand Immigration Advisers Authority

Prior to becoming Canadian Immigration and Refugee Lawyer, Joseph Milevich gained experience in the filed of international human rights, international humanitarian law, international tourism and banking. He gained this experience from:

  • Amnesty International, International Secretariat, London, U.K.
  • The Canadian Red Cross, International Humanitarian Law Focus Group & International Services Task Force, Toronto, Canada
  • Cendant Corporation, Toronto & Saint John, Canada
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Toronto, Canada

In order to be informed about most recent developments in the area of Canadian immigration law and practice, Canadian immigration and refugee lawyer, Joseph Milevich regularly attends Continuing Legal Education programs for Canadian immigration lawyers organised by the Law Society of Upper Canada, Canadian Bar Association and Ontario Bar Association.

Difference between Immigration Lawyers and Immigration Consultants

As part of qualification process for becoming a Canadian immigration lawyer, a person normally has to complete 3 years of full-time studies at a law school at a university. Normally, a lawyer is licenced to practice in all areas of law, but a lawyer may decide to specialise in immigration law. Immigration law matters are often intertwined with other areas of law, such as family law, criminal law, corporate law, commercial law, taxation law, and lawyers are in a position to recognise and understand those related issues for the benefit of their clients’ immigration matters. Furthermore, even within the practice of Canadian immigration law, a lawyer can provide a wider scope of professional services than immigration consultants.

As part of qualification process for becoming a Canadian immigration consultant, a person normally can complete educational course at a college in half a year of full-time studies. Licenced Canadian immigration consultants are only authorized to practice in the area of Canadian immigration law, and the scope of their authorized immigration law services is narrower than the scope of Canadian immigration law services that can be provided by Canadian immigration lawyers.

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